As a wedding photographer, it feels like we need SO much stuff! Today on the blog, I am sharing what is in my camera bag on wedding days + some bonus finds that I love at the bottom!

Husky Heavy Duty Tool Chest

I really wanted a photography/camera suitcase for all my stuff- but they can’t get pricey at $300+. I was telling my husband about what he wanted and he said, hey I have a tool chest that might be perfect. He was right! It is heavy duty with thick wheels, holds a ton of stuff, you can put a lock on it, and best of all…you can sit on it when tired! LOL

I just put some of these camera inserts in the bottom for my cameras/bodies

Two Canon R6 Bodies

I use two mirrorless Canon R6 bodies and love them so much! Before this, I have the 5D Mark IV and I feel like I have been able to grow so much as a photographer since upgrading!

Canon 50mm 1.2 Lens

My 50mm 1.2 is my favorite lens! It just takes the most gorgeous photos. I use it during getting ready photos and all portraits throughout the day. When I shoot families or portrait sessions, it is the only lens I use typically.

Canon 24-70mm 2.8 lens

I use my 24-70mm a lot throughout the wedding day. At any given time, this is on one of my cameras. I use it during getting ready photos when spaces tend to be smaller, for wide shots of the ceremony, and as my only lens during the reception! It can be really useful for large group shots as well

Canon 70-200mm 2.8 lens

The only time I typically use this is for the ceremony and upclose shots during portraits. If it is only used for ceremonies, is it really worth it? Heck yes! I absolutely love this lens and how I can be non-intrusive during the ceremony and stay towards the back while still getting dreamy up close shots of everyone crying!

Canon Speedlite 600ex-rt

I have no problem saying that I haven’t been doing off camera flash as long as some people. My go-to flash set up includes three Canon speedlites. I use one on camera with two off camera on lightstands

Canon St-E3-RT transmitter

I do have a transmitter that I use when I do not want to have a flash on my camera and get creative. Usually, I use this for night time shots and sunset shots

MagMod Flash Kit

I LOVE my Magmod flash kit. I actually waited a long time to purchase it because it is rather pricey- but totally worth it. I don’t recommend the starter kit, because it doesn’t come with the mag-bounce, which is my favorite one and most used diffuser.

Neewer Flash Bracket Holder

When I first got started with off-camera flash, I was a tad on the confused side of what all I needed. Without these holders, your flashes won’t be able to turn downwards, which you want! I did learn you also need this little converter things to make it a good fit on the lightstand

Stainless Steel 9ft Lightstands

I went through a lot of light stands trying to find the right ones. I love that these are super heavy duty and I don’t have to worry about them falling over. Also, when using off camera flash, you want a lightstand that goes this tall!

Two Camera Harness

I love my two camera harness and get compliments on it all the time. It is a great way to keep the stress of your neck

One Camera Harness

For the reception, I only use one camera for my set up (usually 24-70mm lens) so I switch over to my one camera harness so I am comfortable the rest of the night. I also use this for portrait sessions/general sessions

Rechargable Batteries for Flashes

Using flashes all the time for weddings goes through a LOT of batteries. I highly recommend spending the money on reusable batteries, which will save you money in the long run! You can also bring your charger with you if needed to charge them on the go.

Hotshoe Phone Holder

With us having to create reels now (ugh!), this helps me have my camera recording while I am doing things. Because, everything is content right? I also use it to go down my family list easily!

Ok- I just showed you a lot of gear for my flash set up. But, how the heck do I use all of that stuff? You can check my blog post all about it

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