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On the podcast, we are all about finding balance between creating the business of your dreams and living a life you love



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The Wedding Mentor Course

The Wedding Mentor Course is a self paced, how to run and marketing a wedding photography business course. I love teaching photographers how to work smarter, not harder so we can get beyond the hustle and burned out phase and into a phase of having balance between our business and our lives. After this course, you will feel confident to step into the CEO role of your business with systems in place that give you the ability to enjoy running your business, increase profits, work less, and live more!

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The marketing strategy course

In this course, we walk through the different ways to market your photography business. Our goal is to create a marketing strategy that runs in the background of our business and doesn't constantly have to be hands on. We talk through how you can diversify where your leads are coming from through your marketing efforts! This is perfect for photographers at any level.

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Free guide to photographing your first wedding

Get a free download of my tips for photographing your first wedding plus a printable day of shot list

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Wedding investment guide template

Every wedding photographer needs a great wedding investment guide to convert inquiries to clients

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