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Week of & Day of Wedding Planning

Remind your bridesmaids to steam or iron their dresses

I can't tell you how many times I show up for getting ready photos and there are bridesmaids who's dresses have never left the bag. They have tags on them and are supppppper wrinkly! Some think they will just do it there when getting ready, but it never works out. For starters, time goes by so fast and you are rushing around before you know it. Secondly, it takes longer than most people think. On average, 15 minutes per dress! 

Shoot all your bridesmaids a text and remind them to steam or iron their dresses and remove tags before arriving

Put all your small details in one small box for your photographer

It will save a lot of time for your photographer if you have all your details together in one spot for them to grab. Saving them time means more time for your photos! Get a small box, bin, or bag for all your details. This includes:

ALL wedding rings (we will get them to the right place after)
Wedding shoes
Vow books
Any other important details to you

Get together your tips for your vendors

This is just a reminder that some (not all) vendors should be tipped. Put your tips into envelopes with their names on them. If you have a wedding planner, give these to the planner to pass out at the end of the night. If you do not have a wedding planner, designate a trusted family member or friend to do this for you before your vendors leave. Make sure they know who you vendors are and when they are leaving.

Assign someone to grab gifts and décor at the end of the night

At the end of the night, you are not going to be waiting around to grab gifts. Your future hubby is going to whisk you off at the end of the night. Assign someone you trust to grab all your gifts and cards at the end of the night. Also, make a plan for how they are going to get them to you. 

If you have decor that will need to be taken, also assign this to someone. If you have a wedding planner, they may take care of this for you.

Make sure you have created an emergency kit for the wedding day

This is an absolute must, have an emergency kit! Anything can happen. Remember, everything in here is not just for you, but also for your bridesmaids and family members. Here are some ideas for your emergency kit

The biggest and most important item on this list is a plan and the supplies IF your dress rips or something happens. YES, I have seen this happen and NO they didn't have anything with them. Have a sowing kit that will match your dress.

Extra earring backs
Bobby pins
Blister bandaids for shoes
Lint roller

Make sure you have snacks and waters

Pack some snacks and bottled water to take to the venue with you. No one needs hangry bridesmaids. You never know when someone will need a granola bottle or people are thirsty.

Speaking of food, EAT!

This may seem obvious, but so many brides and wedding parties go all day without eating. Wake up and have a big breakfast incase it is the only thing you eat. If you can have lunch or have lunch delivered to where you are getting ready. The less people eat, the more they will get cranky and stressed followed by drunk!

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